Model Holder

A new design professional model holder of all aluminum and brass construction. Designed to firmly grip the model with three threaded brass posts. Model table rests on a solid brass ball joint allowing full freedom of movement in all directions. Table can even be tilted vertical on its side at the slot provided in the ball joint housing.

Easy yet firm gripping action of the ball joint is provided by a lever mechanism. The entire swivel table and ball joint can be rotated in azimuth by an independently controlled mechanism with a locking knob on the side of the base.

Beautifully finished in brushed and black aluminium and bright brass. Base size is 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4) and overall height is 107 mm (4-1/4). Maximum jaw opening on the work table is 73 mm (2-7/8).

Spring Articulator

Chrome plated articulators with spring hinges.

Plain Articulator Aluminium

Vulcanite Scrapers

Scrapers made of tempered stainless steel fitted in colored wooden handles. Available in six tip sizes.

41201 #1 Scraper
41202 #2 Scraper
41203 #3 Scraper
41204 #4 Scraper
41205 #5 Scraper
41206 #6 Scraper
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