Gas/Air Adjustable Burner

High quality solid brass chrome plated burner having adjustable flame from needle thin for fine work to a larger flame. Burner is mounted on a heavy brass base with adjustable ball joint to give full freedom in working angle of the burner. Finely adjustable air and gas valves allow precise control of flame heat and size.

Ideal for professional use in orthodontics, jewelry manufacturing, fine metal working, musical instrument repairing and anywhere that a tightly controlled flame is required.

This burner works on natural gas or propane and less than 5 p.s.i. compressed air. Overall height is 80 mm (3-1/4). Base diameter is 70 mm (2-3/4).

Tripod & Mesh Screen

Durable cast iron and chrome plated steel constrution. For use with bunsen burners and alcohol lamps. Available in two heights, with and without mesh screen.

26201 Tripod, 165 mm (6-1/2) height, mesh screen included
26202 Tripod, 230 mm (9) height, mesh screen included
26203 Tripod only, 165 mm (6-1/2) height
26204 Tripod only, 230 mm (9) height
26205 Mesh screen
Wax Cup

Brass cup for melting wax. Place over
no. 26112 Bunsen Burner

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